What Are the Current Trends in Bathroom Designs?

With the rising need for hygienic ablution, bathroom renovations using modern designs have become common. Besides the appealing interior look offered by the new bathroom designs, they are also easy to clean.

You can acquire the latest designs for your bathroom renovations from experienced and reputable dealers such as JC Premier. These will help you improve your bathroom ambience.

Current Trends in Bathroom Designs

What Are the Current Trends in Bathroom Designs? | JC Premier Melbourne

Bathroom designs have become a critical aspect of interior design. This is due to the high creativity involved in developing bathroom renovation ideas such as bathroom vanities, sleek showers, and tiling. Let’s take a look at the latest bathroom designs that you should consider when remodelling your home.

  • Large-Format Wall Tiles

Large-format tiles are gaining momentum in the market, gradually eradicating the use of expensive mosaic tiles. They are effective in styling bathroom walls as they cover large spaces with fewer grout demarcations. These tiles are also compatible with stone-look designs, and they will give you an easy time cleaning. You can also use them in making slabs for a fashionable minimalist design.

  • Quartz Countertops Designs

Though porcelain tiles had dominated the bathroom design market, quartz countertops have become the favourite countertop material for baths. Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials used for its resistance to staining and scratching. 

It forms a non-porous surface that is an essential attribute for damp environments. The design has a low-maintenance profile as it is easy to clean and less susceptible to bacterial contamination. 

  • Wood-Look Tiles

Wood-look tiles are used for both living room and bathroom décor. They can be wall-mounted, floored, or even fitted into open shower spaces such as tubs and sinks. Apart from providing a distinctly rustic look, they can also be intermixed with other designs, such as subway tile flooring and wood-like tile walls.

  • Shower Door Styles

Various trendy shower door designs can suit your bathroom decoration, especially the master bathroom. Sliding doors have become common for tub enclosures and bathrooms with closely spaced fixtures. If you crave a sleeker look but don’t want to use curtains, a coated glass tub enclosure will suffice it all for you.

Framed shower doors are also creeping up the trending list. They are an affordable choice fitted with a heavy-duty aluminium frame that reinforces strength and sturdiness. They also have a bronze finish that makes them suitable for both the traditional and contemporary bathroom. 

Engage Professional Bathroom Designers

There are numerous bathroom designs and materials that have flocked the market. However, hiring anyone you meet on the road can result in shoddy work. At JC Premier, we have top-rate professionals who will install the latest bathroom designs for you. We offer on-time renovation services to our clients with a guarantee of exemplary results. Please contact us today to hire our services and watch your bathroom receiving a new appearance.