Carpentry Services

JC Premier’s team of in-house carpenters will do any carpentry jobs you may require in your home or business. We’ll replace your front door or fascia boards, do a complete custom renovation or extension on your home. Our carpentry services include:

  • Renovations
  • Restorations
  • Exterior carpentry
  • Maintenance


Most renovations that you make to your home will include carpentry work. JC Premier’s renovations teams include plumbers, electricians, plasterers, painters, and carpenters, so you only have to deal with one project manager to coordinate all the trades. Our carpenters can build custom cupboards for the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen renovations. We’ll also develop frameworks for subdivisions and roofing for extensions renovations. 


Melbourne is well known for its love of period and period-style homes. Still, these dwellings often need major restoration, carpentry, or even extensions and renovations to make them suitable for modern families. 

We highly recommend that you conduct a complete survey of a period home before committing to buy and restore it. Examples of the type of work our carpenters do on these types of homes include:

  • We replace timber beams and load-bearing members affected by termites or wood rot.
  • Our carpenters renew subfloor timber framing and replace wooden floors
  • Our teams undertake the repair and replacement of wooden windows and sash windows
  • We replace wooden architraves and skirting boards. 

Any restoration or renovation work done on a home needs experienced carpenters with sympathy for the original building and a deep understanding of the functions of load-bearing and structural members. JC Premier’s teams, including our skilled carpenters, supply these traits to your project. 

Exterior Carpentry

We’re outdoor people, and Melbourne’s homes reflect this. Our carpentry services include building wooden decks around swimming pools and tubs, carports, pergolas and other buildings and sheds separate from the main house. 

We maintain JC Premier’s high standard in our outdoor works, giving you the best outdoor living spaces and entertainment areas in Dandenong and Melbourne suburbs. With our team of designers, JC Premier can supply bespoke carpentry services for any outdoor spaces you want to build or revamp.   

JC Premier will also replace your weatherboards or do smaller exterior carpentry jobs like fencing, gazebos, handrails, and decorative archways. Any external works you need to have done, JC Premier can take on the job, no matter the size or complexity. 

Maintenance Services

Nothing looks better than a beautiful timber structure, deck, or fence if it’s well kept. The only disadvantage to wood is that you need to maintain it periodically, and it’s usually best to hire a carpenter to do the job. JC Premier’s trained carpenters know what treatments the wood needs and the best coatings to use. They’ll also understand which wooden fixtures need replacement and what’s worth saving. 

Our carpenters can replace or repair damaged fascia boards, wooden flooring, or windows. They will also assess the causes of the damage and suggest solutions to prevent new damage. Often homes with wooden flooring have improper ventilation causing wood rot. Sometimes damaged or blocked gutters cause damage to fascia boards, and our carpenters know what to look for and how best to solve the issues. Even for small jobs, you’ll have peace of mind that the JC Premier carpenter is a professional tradesman with in-depth knowledge of the job. 

Expert Carpenters For All Your Needs

It doesn’t matter what type of task you have for JC Premier. Whether you need carpenters as part of a renovations team or for minor repair or maintenance jobs, JC Premier has you covered. We can assist you with renovations, home extensions, exterior carpentry, or even small maintenance tasks for your home such as bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations. Contact JC Premier for our professional services, whatever job you have in mind.