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What Should You Not Do When Remodelling a Bathroom?

If you’ve never renovated your home before, the process can be a bit overwhelming. With so many considerations to keep in mind, it’s not uncommon to feel a little overwhelmed. ... More

What Are The Kitchen Trends for 2021?

In the past year, we spent more time at home than ever. In fact, we spent more time in our kitchens than ever. This is the most multifunctional and used room in our house. More than just a cooking location, kitchens are places for family and friends. A small space where we can share our favourite recipes, chat over coffee, watch the game, and unwind together after a long day. ... More

What Are the Current Trends in Bathroom Designs?

With the rising need for hygienic ablution, bathroom renovations using modern designs have become common. Besides the appealing interior look offered by the new bathroom designs, they are also easy to clean. ... More

What Are Some Advantages of Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Having a dream kitchen may require the incorporation of custom kitchen cabinets into your kitchen space. Besides their storage functions, custom cabinets also enhance the appearance of your kitchen.  ... More

What Is The Best Layout For A Small Bathroom

Making the most of a small bathroom space is difficult. But there are lots of different bathroom layouts and small bathroom floor plans that you can use to maximize the available space and make even the smallest bathroom feel spacious and comfortable. ... More

Why Should You Add A Wooden Deck To Your Home

Ready to add a deck to your home? Adding a deck is a great investment for a variety of different reasons – and a properly-built wood deck can last for years and decades to come. But you may not be sure if installing a deck is right for you. So in this blog from JC Premier, we’ll discuss a few top reasons that you may want ... More